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The Parent’s Guide to Haircuts for Kids

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There’s nothing quite like a photo of the family where the kids look great. All the way up until they start making their own salon appointments, dealing with kids’ hair can be a pain for parents. Of course, the younger they are, the trickier it can be to make the experience pleasant for everybody involved.  

At Stephanie Moss Salon, we’re here to make it a little bit easier. 

How to Prepare: Haircuts for Kids 

You’ll need to prepare differently depending on the age of your child. A cranky third grader acts very differently than an overstimulated toddler, no matter where their hair is cut. 

For baby’s first haircut (or second, or third), it’s all about letting them know what will happen before you even get to the salon.  

Play Salon at Home 

Grab a little comb or hairbrush and practice what they’ll experience in the chair — you can make it a game. Depending on the style they’ll be getting, let them listen to the sound of scissors or clippers while they can see the tools. If your little one could be getting their hair blow-dried, that’s easy to practice at home, too.  

Make sure to keep giving your child positive reinforcement with compliments and any other little rewards that make them feel safe. Most of all, understand that they might have questions and genuine fears, and it’s your job to reassure them. Remember, this is a brand-new experience for them! 

When your kid knows you’re on their side ahead of time, it doesn’t have to be upsetting when it’s time for the real deal. 

When You’re at the Salon 

Some kids don’t have an issue getting their hair done at all. For others, it’s pretty stressful.  

In the moment, you might feel a little embarrassed if your kid isn’t enjoying their time at the salon. Don’t sweat it! We totally understand and want to help. 

If it calms your child down to watch a show on your tablet or phone, that might be a good compromise to help them get through their haircut without melting down. Just talk to your stylist first to make sure everybody is on the same page. 

When Should Kids Get Their First Haircut? 

The correct answer is vague: it depends.  

If your kid’s hair stays out of their eyes and looks neat, you can wait until they’re around two! If they’re lucky enough to have a full head of hair from the start, they might need a little trim earlier. There’s no wrong answer, and you should take your own emotions as a parent into account. 

How Often Should I Cut My Kid’s Hair? 

Again, it really depends on your kid! Does their hair grow quickly? Do they like having it long, or does it bother them when it grows out? Is it tricky to maintain?  

The biggest reasons to get a haircut, even for children, are style and damage. Kids get split ends too! Damaged hair and split ends can make it more difficult to brush through, so regular trims can help tame unruly locks without necessarily sacrificing length. You can usually expect to get a bang trim for kids every 4-8 weeks, though — just watch out for when their bangs start to get in their eyes and give us a call! 

How to Find Kids’ Haircuts Near Me 

There are a couple of choices for the best children’s haircuts in Omaha. You can choose salons that cater to kids or a salon that offers services for parents and children. 

Check the salon’s pricing list to see if they have children’s cuts listed. If they do, you know they’re able to accommodate younger clients — if not, you might want to keep looking to make sure everyone involved feels their best.  

You want your kid to feel the same way you do after a great appointment at the salon — confident, happy and excited about their new look. Guiding them through the experience is a journey every parent and guardian goes through, whether they want a classic or trending style.  

Our team of expert stylists will help you and your child with a haircut and salon experience that makes everyone feel best. Let’s figure it out — make an appointment at Stephanie Moss Salon and discover what we can do!